Made To Order Products - Term's & Condition's

Turn around is approx. ​1 day - 4 weeks, depending on the design(s) and number of items ordered.

Orders are confirmed once full payment has been received by Hollow along with all required information (dimensions, finish, special requests etc.).

Full payment is required up-front for all orders, and are accepted via online banking only. All payments are non-refundable.

Once the order is completed, the customer will be sent photos & final dimensions of their item(s). From this date, the ordered item(s) must be collected within 7 days.

Pickup Location: Pirongia, Waikato

Hollow's products are unique, hand-made, rustic and vary in appearance. Photos shown in Hollow's portfolio simply provide an idea of how custom-made items will look according to each design.

Hollow's Furniture item's are made using various salvaged, recycled, lightly-sanded​, non-dressed timbers with rustic characteristics (i.e. variations in texture, colour, timber grain, density, look and feel) - these and other imperfections including unbalanced items, are the nature and intended style of Hollow's designs and these details are not considered by Hollow to be defects. Finishes applied may vary in appearance. Dimensions may vary from those requested. Hollow's furniture pieces can generally be used indoors or outdoors, however if any piece is used outdoors, shelter​ is required for preserving its condition.

Hollow does not ship/courier furniture - you are welcome to book your own shipping services. Hollow is not responsible for damage caused to shipped item(s) while in transit.

Hollow products are usually branded with the Hollow Furniture logo which is applied in a visible position selected by Hollow.

Hollow reserves the right to sell any product / custom product that is not collected within 14 days of order completion. No payments are refunded if this occurs.

Hollow reserves the right to edit these terms at any time. Pricing is subject to change, quotes given are valid for 48 hours.

Once Hollow has received the required payment, this is considered acceptance of these terms and condition. 

Hire - Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read these terms and conditions and contact me if you have any questions


Minimum booking cost of $50.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required within 72 hours of placing a booking request to secure your booking. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the booking date(s).
For late bookings (placed less than 30 days prior to the booking date) full payment + bond must be paid immediately, and proof of payment provided to secure the booking.
Once the deposit is paid, it is deemed that the hirer has agreed to and will abide by all Terms & Conditions. 


A bond is required for all bookings, the bond is to be paid with the final balance. The minimum bond is $100.
This bond will be refunded via online bank transfer once all items have been returned and inspected.
The bond will be refunded within five business days following the return of hired items.
In the case that any item(s) fail to be returned, are returned damaged, unclean, or late, fees will be deducted from the bond.
The bond amount is determined by which items are booked. If cost of damage is more than the bond ,the outstanding balance will be invoiced to the hirer.


Pick up is recommended, or delivery may be available at an additional cost (due along with deposit, non-refundable).
Collection and return is on weekdays (Mon-Thu) at 6pm, or other times may be available on request.
Hollow Furniture is based in rural Pirongia.
All hire items must be collected and returned at the times stated on your invoice/hire agreement to avoid being charged Late Fees..
A late fee of $35.00 per hour (or part thereof) will be charged for late returns and will be deducted from the bond amount, any outstanding amount will be invoiced to the hirer. 
Last Minute, un-booked drop-offs/collections carried out by Hollow will be charged to the hirer at a higher cost than pre-booked drop-offs/collections. If a trailer is required, the cost of this will also be charged to the hirer.
A reasonable sized trailer is required to avoid damaging Hollow's hire property. Please also ensure that you bring tarpaulins and tie-downs to secure items safely.


For bookings cancelled within 30 days of the booking dates, a $60.00 cancellation fee will be deducted from the bond. Any deposit paid (part of full) will be retained by Hollow.
No cancellation is valid unless it has been acknowledged in writing by Hollow.
If required payments are not received by the dates stated on the invoice/hire agreement, the booking will be considered Cancelled and applicable fees will be deducted from any amount paid.


Upon receipt of hired items, the responsibility for these items is yours. Hollow does not hold any responsibility for the goods during this time. Please treat every item with care.
If loss or damage occurs to any item(s) during your booking, you are liable for the full replacement cost, through cash settlement payable via online bank transfer within 5 business days of booking completion. Replacement costs may exceed the bond amount.
In the case that hire item(s) go missing/cannot be found, the hirer will be given a grace period of 12 hours to locate the items. In this case a $35.00 Over-Due fee will be charged regardless of whether any/all items are recovered or not. If during the 12 hour grace period, the items have not been returned to Hollow, they will be considered permanently lost and the full replacement cost will be charged to the hirer.
An itemised replacement-price list of all items in your booking is available on request.
Please ensure all items are clean and in the same manner and condition as they were hired in. Food should never be placed directly on any wooden item of property belonging to Hollow.
On return, all items will be inspected - if any items are unclean (i.e. food residue, stains, muddy, wet etc.) a cleaning fee of $35.00 an hour will be charged.


Some decorative items seen in photos of Hollow Furniture's Hire Collection, including (but not limited to) florals, foliage, lights, are not included with any hire booking.
Prices are subject to change, quotes are valid for 48 hours.
In the case that Hollow is unable to provide any item(s) to a hirer for their booking, for reasons that are out of Hollow's control (i.e. theft, damage), a full refund (equal to that which has been paid by the hirer) will be issued for such item(s). Hollow cannot guarantee that items will be available for any booking, whether paid for or not.
Hollow reserves the right to cancel any booking if these terms are not met by the hirer.

Hollow and Bloom

Dried Floral Products

My dried floral designs are handmade using dried flowers and foliage. While the flowers may age gracefully over time, they will look beautiful in their forever homes for a very long time.

Simply hang your wreath on the wall where it's not in direct sunlight or near moisture.

Dried floral wreaths are very delicate and must be handled carefully.

All dried floral products are unique, hand-made and vary in appearance.

Full payment is required up-front for all custom orders, and are accepted via online banking only. All payments are non-refundable.

Pickup Location: Pirongia, Waikato



Occasionally Hollow and Bloom may run a giveaway.

If the giveaway is run in a "draw" format, there may be a timeframe stated in which the entrant can qualify to participate in the draw.

Any "giveaway" will only be carried out on Instagram and Facebook, if a purchase is required in order to qualify to participate in the draw, this purchase must be completed through Facebook or Instagram only. Purchases via any other platform wont qualify to participate in the draw.

Any giveaway prize must be acknowledged by the winner within 72 hours and collected within 7 days. In the case that a prize needs to be posted to the winner, the cost of postage must be covered by the winner.


Hollow and Bloom reserves the right to edit these terms at any time. Pricing is subject to change, quotes given are valid for 48 hours.